Cape Town Bitcoin

Cape Town Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts Meet to Discuss Blockchain Technology

“I think that the bigger corporations out there want to have the blockchain to gain control of the actual things that they want to own and want to achieve. What they don’t realize is that for the blockchain to work, it has to be decentralized. Blockchain has been created to keep a decentralized ledger. This means that it will give the people a guarantee that there is not a somebody at the top of the chain that can tamper with the actual records that the blockchain is recording.

This is what we want! We would like to see the blockchain being used for anything that contains sensitive information for a country. We would like to see it used during elections, in the military, to see where funds are going or even to keep track of guns and ammunitions. We want to make sure that there is not a person or a group of people that is manipulating or tampering records that are important to a country and it’s people.

The blockchain finally gives us, the people, the power we need. Of course we need incentives. Take Bitcoin for example, we have a group of people, different people, from all over the world backing up the blockchain. For this reason, it’s unstoppable. If you want me to explain it in short, basically it’s just a decentralized database of record keeping. And that is exactly why every big company would like to have their own blockchain, but they realize and understand that they can not.

This, I think, is a way to give freedom to the people and we would like to have that freedom. People need to be educated on this. What is blockchain? Blockchain can be freedom for the people!” - Salvatore Burgio, Cape Town Bitcoin